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Tuna Tackle
Keel Weighted Stainless Hook and BB Swivel
Tuna Tackle
    Here you will find a selection of some of the finest lures to catch Tuna. 

    The Finest Lures coupled with the finest and most innovative rigging there is. There is NO comparison anywhere. Only from Tournament Cable.

    Tuna Snacks rigged with stainless keel weighted hooks, cable and ball bearing swivels. A great sub-surface lure.
    Bait Showers with a Tuna Snack Jr. An extremely enticing chain type package.
    CD-30's modified with 250lb split rings and Flouro Carbon leaders. A deep diving plug that has proven to be deadly for Big Eye.

    Tuna Jets. A Jet like no other. Rigged with Mustad 7691S stainless hooks and Momoi 250lb leader.

    Splash/Bar 36" Medium flex titanium rigged with 7 small tuna bits and a Keel Weighted Tuna Snack stinger.
     Item #  Description  Price   
     TT001  Tuna Snack-Keel Weighted w/stainless hook, cable & BB swivel  $59.95  Add to Cart
     TT002  Tuna Snack pack of 4 in roll up bag  $229.95  Add to Cart
     TT003  Bait Shower w/Tuna Snack Jr.  $68.95  Add to Cart
     TT004  CD-30 Modified and Rigged w/Fluoro-Carbon  $42.95  Add to Cart
     TT005  CD-30 Pack of 4  $169.95  Add to Cart
     TT006  Tuna Jet Rigged w/250lb Momoi 8ft.  $49.95  Add to Cart
     TT007  Tuna Jets Pack of 4 in a roll up bag  $194.95  Add to Cart
     TT008  Tuna Splash/Bar 36" titanium w/7 tuna bits & Keel Weighted Stinger  $159.95  Add to Cart
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