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TC-316 Extra Heavy Arm Tier-Drop Dredge Teasers


Create a much larger bait ball with the TC-316TD

Heavy 3/16" stainless arms allow for larger and wider overall spread, higher speeds, more teaser baits and larger heavier teaser baits per arm and the arms will NOT break.

Starting From: $129.95

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  • This is NOT a Folding Dredge.

    The TC-316TD is one of the largest and strongest dredges we offer. Even though we have been producing our original Tier-Drop Dredges for over 10 years now without any of the arms breaking we wanted to take it to the next level. The original is made with 1/8" stainless arms which tend to bend into the center with heavy baits and/or higher speeds. The 3/16" arms on the new TC-316 will not fold in nearly as much maintaining a larger over all spread at higher speeds.

    Stop having to replace baits and dredges due to broken arms. The arms will not break regardless of the amount of speed, size and weight of the teaser baits. 

    The arms on these dredges are made with 3/16" stainless all connected to a precision machined center hub. These arms are free-swinging which gives the baits more action. The dredge can be easily stowed by laying it flat or inserting into a standard bucket. 

    The Tier-Drop design presents a more natural looking, tighter bait ball.