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Modified CD30 Plug for Big Eye, Bluefin, or Yellowfin

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  • A CD-30 modified in-house to handle Big Eye, Bluefin and Yellowfin.

    Quick Rig Golden Eye hooks are connected to the CD-30 body with 300lb test Owner split rings replacing the treble hooks and split rings that come originally with the lure. This enhancement gives this plug the capability to catch the biggest there is.

    The Golden Eye hooks have larger more effective barbs and are rated at xxx-plus making them one of the strongest hooks on the market.

    Each CD-30 has an 8ft 200lb test Fluoro-carbon leader with the appropriate chafe gear. Rigged and ready to drop in your spread, you don’t have to worry about ballyhoo -just troll it as is.

    Troll for Big Eye with confidence.