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Teaser Booms

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In most cases while pulling dredge teasers on a Center Console, you have to pull them from a stern cleat, as the riggers are just not strong enough to handle the weight or pull of heavy dredges. From this position the teaser is usually in the prop wash instead of in clear water, and with the narrow beam of a center console this takes up precious room in the spread.

Tournament Cable took this problem to the drawing board, and came back with a solution: The Tournament Cable Teaser Boom.

With a precision machined gimble, the Tournament Cable Teaser Boom fits in any rod holder (straight or angled), and extends out from the gunwales 4ft. The gimbles are fully adjustable, and can be set with ease using nothing more than a flat-head screw driver.

A heavy duty shackle and a swivel-head pulley are attached to the heavy stainless eye at the end of the Tournament Cable Teaser Boom, and a cleat is mounted on top of the arm to attach the Tow Line.

Effective, Strong, High-Quality, and Easy To Use - Now you can pull teasers of any size, and keep them away from the motors and prop wash while increasing the overall width of your trolling spread. 

The Tournament Cable Teaser Boom: just one more innovation to keep you at the top of your game.