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Ultimate Smart Bar/Tracker II


Our 3-way adjustable Smart Bar/Tracker has just gotten better.

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  • Since the trackers were introduced, at Tournament Cable we have been experimenting and listening to our customers.  Through trial and error, and quite a few changes, we have come up with an all around better tracker!

    The Smart Bar/Tracker II will perform much better in heavier sea condition's due to the addition of a 5" bird on each wing of the bar. Where most other trackers require calm seas and winds, the Smart Bar/Tracker II remains much more stable and will not flip under these conditions.

    Between the Flex Cable Bar, the addition of the two 5" Birds, and superior rigging we have created a far superior Smart Bar/Tracker.

    Each is rigged with a 7" center bird and two 5" wing birds. The center line is 250lb Momoi with a 250lb BB Snap Swivel for attaching the Singer Bait. The Stinger is rigged with 250lb test momoi and 600lb cable with a 1oz weight and a stainless 8/0 7691 hook.