• At Tournament Cable Inc. we combine experience, innovation, and technology to produce the ultimate global sport-fishing tackle. •

Terminal Tackle

Like your old man told you growing up, "Do it nice or do it twice." But no matter how nice you do it, if you're using mediocre materials, you'll still have mediocre rigging. You know quality and precision are two big focuses here at Tournament Cable, so when it comes to our back-of-the-house rigging, we stick to high-quality terminal tackle. Whether we're rigging for an order, or rigging our own gear for a trip, we stick to the time-tested, reliable materials that will not let us down on a big hook up.

Well, we can't magically transport our work bench to yours, but we can make sure you have access to the same quality parts and pieces we use here at Tournament Cable. That way, be it rigging for a fun trip, a tournament, or your daughter's first trip offshore, you'll know that you've got the best of what's out there, right at your fingertips. 

Your old man would approve.