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Wahoo Stinger - Ballyhoo Rig


Starting From: $22.95

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  • This rig is specifically for Wahoo. Made with 4" of solid single strand wire that resists the teeth of the Wahoo resulting in more solid hook-ups. The loops in the wire are formed perfectly with our in-house Haywire machines. Adding a Joe Shute lure or Sea With on the leader is a great addition to the overall presentation of the rigged bait.

    The Wahoo Stinger is made with a Quick Rig Tuna Blade stainless needle eye hook and is available in 8/0 or 9/0.

    The wire is AFW #15 rated at 240lb test.

    The Ball Bearing Swivel is rated at 200lbs.

    Each rig is a Pin Rig and comes with a stainless spring.

    These are Premium rigs with the best and strongest Needle Eye hooks available. Needle eye hooks are much easier to set in the ballyhoo and set between the gills with no bulging as in ring eye hooks. These rigs can be used over and over again numerous times.

    Rigs are offered in 2 packs.