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Smart Bars/ TC's Premium Side-Trackers

Smart Bars/ TC's Premium Side-Trackers


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No other company offers you more choices of the highest quality terminal tackle! The best in Dredge Teasers, Spreader & Splash Bars, Harpoons, Haywire Machines, Tools, Lures and Lure sets, teaser accessories, and everything in between!  All made in the USA! 
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Smart Bars are Tournament Cable's version of the popular side-tracker, by-products of the innovative Splash/Bar that we developed over 20 years ago. Our Smart Bars offer features, benefits, and high-standard rigging not seen in any other tracker on the market!

Under the belly of the bird there is a sturdy Delran blade that is easily adjustable for port, starboard or straight running.  Designed to perform, the blade stays securely in place.  Our Smart Bars are each built with a 7" premium bird and include a professionally rigged Tuna Stinger lure for the stinger.  

Sold rigged or unrigged! Smart Bars w/Bits are rigged with 9" tuna bit teasers. 

The 24" cable bar used on these is unlike any other.  Made with a proprietary stainless cable material that flexes better than stiff titanium or stainless arms, creating more action than any other bar.  These arms also bend and fold back to produce an all-around better running tracker.  The center line is 250lb test Momoi, with a 250lb BB Snap Swivel for ease of changing stinger baits.

The Stinger is rigged with a Mustad #7691 hook stiff rigged and 600lb Cable.  All finished with 30" 250lb Momoi leader. The cable in the stinger will aide in holding up against the toothy wahoo, as well as sharks.