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G-Stick PRO - Main Line Teaser Bar

Unlike our original standard G-Stick system that is designed to catch one or two fish and fight them with the bar attached, the PRO series allows for multiple dangles with separate rods that will release from the main line and the teaser bar. Now you can attach several rods with individual danglers.

Up to 4 danglers and 4 separate rods.

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  • This Teaser Bar is heavier than standard Spreader Bars, which is needed to keep the main line taught without a bow in the line. This enables much better positioning of multiple Dangler Release Clips and baits. The A-0 Polly Ball is rigged with 1900lb test Dyneema and attaches to the snap swivel inside the last squid in the center line. The ball adds more drag and tension for the main line.

    The bar is 36" w/1/8" heavy flex titanium rigged with 11 9" heavy squids and an A-0 Polly ball.

    The system will also come with a 50ft main line 500lb test leader w/2 Release Clips and 2 Dangler rigged baits.

    Danglers are rigged with 9/0 stainless hook and 3ft of 250lb test Momoi.