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LP Electric Reel Sword/Dredge Package

Switch from a Dredge Teaser set-up to Deep Dropping for Swords and the like in less than 5 minutes. Everything is included for a quick and easy change.

For a truly custom package contact us for any specific's you might have.

Starting From: $7,399.95

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  • A complete Premium set-up for either Sword/Deep Dropping or pulling Dredge Teasers. Package can be quickly and easily changed over to either type of use. Pulling Dredge Teasers, Trolling for Big Eye or Giant Tuna or strictly Deep Dropping, this is a complete package.

    The LP reel spool filled with 80lb braid for deep dropping or 800lb braid for pulling dredges can be changed out in less than a minute.

    Now with the reel left on the Stuart #4 butt just un-screw the rod from the butt and attach the other.

    Thread the line from the spool through the rod guides and attach your terminal gear and you're ready to go.

    It's that simple.

    Premium set-up includes:

    1 Lindgren-Pitman S2-1200 electric reel.

    1 Custom Dredge Rod

    1 Custom 72" Sword/Deep Drop Rod.

    1 Stuart #4 Bent Rod Butt.

    2 LP nylon spools, 1 spooled with 3,000yds of 80lb braid and the other with 250yds 500lb braid.

    1 10ft Safety Line 3600lb test Dyneema

    1 Swordfish Wind-on Leader. 150ft 250lb with spliced loop for weight.

    Select one of the three LP Electric Reels, S2-1200 Standard 12 Volt, SV-1200 Variable Speed 12 Volt, SV-2400 24 Volt

    This package can be ordered with either the LP-S2-1200 12 volts, the LP-SV-1200 12 volts or the LP-SV-2400 electric reel. The features and benefits of each model reel can be seen here by clicking here...LP Reels (tournamentcable.com)