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No other company offers you more choices of the highest quality terminal tackle! The best in Dredge Teasers, Spreader & Splash Bars, Harpoons, Haywire Machines, Tools, Lures and Lure sets, teaser accessories, and everything in between!  All made in the USA! 
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Iland Lures® have earned a world-wide reputation as one of the finest, most productive artificial lures made today. They credit striking brilliance and incredible realism as the keys to their success. Their exclusive use of lustrous nylon fiber skirts gives the Iland Lures® unmatched effectiveness and durability. And the realistic gold eyes provide that critical step beyond realism that means the difference between a slow days’ catch and a tournament winning performance.

Iland Lures® stand up to repeated attacks from toothy predators, making cut-off skirts from Wahoo, Barracuda and King Mackerel a thing of the past. Highly effective and an old faithful in the industry, Tournament Cable is pleased to present: Iland Lures®.