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Deep Drop Tackle


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No one likes a birdsnest, either on or off the reel. Every one of us has spent countless hours cursing the knots we’ve incurred in our line, so for the sake of everyone’s blood pressure, Tournament Cable has started making Deep Drop Spreader Bars. They are designed specifically for ease while deep dropping, for preventing tangles in the line, and for preventing sinkers from being lost. After setting out the rigged bait, the Long Line Clips can easily be attached to the leader just ahead of the Splice. Once you have the weight connected to the snap swivel, go ahead and let it down as fast as you’d like.....the two lines will not tangle. The spreader keeps them both separated and spares you the aggravation of dealing with knots and tangles.

When you hook into a fish the line will be retrieved as usual. When the Tournament Cable Deep Drop Spreader reaches the surface just open the Long Line Clips and remove the rig with the weight from the leader, and continue reeling. It's that simple. Deep Drop Top-Shots are perfect for Swordfish Rigs, and have heavy waxed twine half-hitched to the line where the clips attach to prevent slipping. No rubber bands are needed.  All are made with our Double Splice loop, and can be easily attached to the line using a loop to loop connection.