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Big Game Block & Tackle


Starting From: $259.95

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  • It just got easier to boat your big game.

    Big Eye are around in record numbers, and large fish on the whole are on the increase. Well we can't give you a stronger back or hone your stand-up fighting skills for you, but we CAN offer you a solid, well built block and tackle to make it much easier to get that slob in the boat once you've harpooned or gaffed it.

    Available in Double Pulley or for more power Triple Pulley.

    Both are made with 3/8in spliced 3-strand nylon line, a dyneema mounting strap rated at 3,600lb, and two Ronstan 2-Axis Double or Triple pulleys with Shackles and s-hook, all easily stowed in a 24" x 8" tackle bag makes this portable block & tackle ideal for any size boat.


    3/8" twisted nylon rated at over 3,000lbs

    Double Pulleys w/swivel shackle head rated at 2,650lbs

    Triple Pulleys w/swivel shackle head rated at 3090lbs

    S-Hooks rated at 1760lbs

    Dyneema strap  rated at 3,600lbs