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Wind-On Leaders & Top Shots

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14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Wind-on leaders eliminate the need for long leaders attached to your natural bait rigs or artificials. Keep those leaders approx. 5’ long when using a 25’ Wind-On and you can reel your catch right up to the side of the boat. No leaderman is required, which makes the “endgame” a lot safer, especially if you are fishing short handed.

All of Tournament Cable Wind-On Leaders are hand-made using a double splice. Because of the superior strength of the double splice, our leaders have the shortest and least bulky leader-to-Dacron connection. They also have the shortest and most compact serving where the leader meets the Dacron. There is no heat-shrink tubing (which increases the strength of the mono), nor are there long unnecessary wraps of thread. Both of these things greatly facilitate the wind-on going through the rod guides and release clips. Tournament Cable Wind-On leaders are so compact you only have to remove a minimal amount of main line to have them fit properly on the reel, and because of the extra large loop each comes spliced with, the loop-to-loop connection is made quite simply.

Greenspot Dacron is used on all splices for its ability to show any torn threads or other flaws in the splice (Black Dacron does not have this feature and will hide any imperfection in the wind-on). With the Greenspot you have the option of using an ordinary black laundry marker if you prefer the aesthetic of black Wind-Ons.

All Tournament Cable Mono Wind-On Leaders are made using Momoi Hi-Catch: Clear, Smoke Blue, Hi-Vis Yellow, X-Hard and the Diamond Line.

Top Shots are used most often when reels are filled with Dacron or Spectra, although they sometimes are used when monofilament has been spooled on to the reels. When combined with Dacron or Spectra, you gain the advantages of both Dacron/Spectra and mono: the non-stretch and feel of Dacron/Spectra allows for better setting of hooks while mono is less visible and stretches. Top Shots are much less expensive and easier to change than re-spooling an entire reel and are available in all I.G.F.A. line classes.

Top Shots may be ordered with a "double splice" loop at one or both ends of the spool. With the splice at one end you can connect to the line on the reel with a double loop to loop connection. Top Shots with a splice at both ends further allows you to quickly and easily connect a Wind-on leader to the tag end.