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Trolling Spread Set - Trackers and Splash/Bars

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  • This set contains 2 Premium 3 position Trackers and 2 Premium Original Splash Bars. A perfect trolling spread for any size boat. Pull the Trackers from the long or short rigger positions and the Splash/Bars can be pulled from any position. There are times that sea conditions are not very good for the Trackers but will be fine for the Splash/Bars.

    The 2 24" Trackers are adjustable and can be set for Port, Starboard or Straight running and the 36" Splash/Bars are Straight running only.

    All are rigged with 250lb center lines, and 180lb Ball bearing Snap Swivels and the Stingers are rigged with 600lb cable w/heavy heat-shrink and 1oz egg sinker.

    Complete set comes in assorted colors and storage bags.