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36" Splash/Bar w/Nitinol


Over 20 years ago Tournament Cable developed and introduced the Splash/Bar and changed everything. Now, we are changing it once again with the introduction of Nitinol.

Nitinol is an extremely strong and flexible alloy of nickel and titanium. This material creates flex and strength not matched by Titanium or Stainless steel resulting in an incredible Splash/Bar like no other. 

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  • Nitinol is used in the production of heart stents and wire rim glass frames for its strength and flexible qualities. A very expensive material but not that much more than Titanium for use in Splash/Bars.

    This Splash/Bar is a standard 7" bird with 1/8" 36" length bar. Coupled with 9 9" shell squids and a rigged stinger takes this Splash/Bar to the next level.

    Each squid has a tier-drop float and the stinger is rigged with 600lb test cable, heat shrink and 1oz lead with an 8/0 stainless southern tune hook and 30" of 250lb test Momoi mono.

    Each Splash/Bar comes rigged and ready to deploy in a standard storage bag.