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Planers & Bridles

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laner Bridles are not new, in fact they have been around for a while, but as far as we know none were available for purchase. If you wanted to use one you had to painstakingly make your own …until now. After many hours of trial and error (and quite a few yards of line), Tournament Cable has developed and is now pleased to offer the best Planer Bridle Wind-On on the water today. Constructed with high strength hollow-core and with no less than eight innovative splices per bridle, this wind-on bridle is unlike any other, and will outlast all the rest. Starting with a blank approximately 15ft in length and incorporating 8 splices, the overall finished length is just a few inches over 5ft. And turning the bridle into a wind-on eliminates the need to hand-line in excessive amounts of leader, and gives you better control of the fish boat-side.

There are 8” loops on each end to easily make the connections to the line coming off the planer rod at one end and the leader to the loop at the other end. The Dropper Loops for the actual planer snaps are each 2”... short enough to prevent any tangles and small enough to easily go through the guides of any planer rod. Each of our Planer Bridle Wind-on Leaders is professionally hand-spliced in-house here at Tournament Cable, and can be used with the highest confidence. Wind-on swivels (AFW 220lb Mighty Mini Stainless Steel Crane Swivel) are attached to all Tournament Cable Plane Bridle Wind-Ons. If these swivels are not needed and a loop-to-loop connection is preferred, the swivels can easily be snipped off with a side cutter.

In order to fish a Planer Bridle you used to have to make your own. But Tournament Cable just made your job that much easier. Try the new Tournament Cable Planer Bridle Wind-Ons…you’ll be glad that you did.