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TC-Zacatak - Keel Weighted Small Set

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  • New TC-Zacatak Lures with indestructible heads. Under normal use these heads will NOT break or crack.

    This set is Small size and comes with two different heads and double skirts.
    A truly unique trolling lure in multiple sizes for whatever species you are after. All lures are rigged with a Keel Weighted Hook Set that ensures the hook will stay in the optimum position for better hook-ups. Regardless of how the head and skirt are moving, the hooks will be exactly where they should be.
    All of the TC-Zacatak lures are sold in 2-packs only, all rigged and ready to deploy. No need to buy a set of 4,5 or 6 for hundreds of dollars when you only want to start out with 2.

    This set is rigged with 200lb test Momoi and a single Keel weighted hook. Hooks sets are rigged with 600lb test cable and heat shrink.

    Single Hook is a Mustad 7691S Keel weighted.

    Colors are assorted. Each set comes with a 2-pocket lure bag.