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36" Splash/Bar w/9" Shell Squids

The Splash Bar! By far the most versatile and productive bar you can have in your spread. This Splash/Bar has caught everything there is over the years. Can be fished from any position.

Developed over 20 years ago by Tournament Cable, this is the Original and by far the best there is.

Professional Grade and Premium Rigging. 

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  • The original bar that changed everything...the Splash/Bar. An innovation created by Tournament Cable over 25 years ago that is still by far one of the best producers year after year.

    A 7" premium bird with a 3/32" 36" titanium bar going thru the center of the bird. Rigged with 7 9" shell squids to the 3 connection points and a Stinger. The bird/bar will keep the Splash/Bar fluttering on top regardless of how far back in the spread.

    The Stinger is rigged with a 8/0 stainless hook, 600lb cable and a 1oz egg weight. Main line is 250lb test Momoi w/250lb ball bearing snap swivel. Teaser squid are rigged w/200lb test line. Each teaser squid has a 1/2" Tier-Drop float. Provided with a mesh storage bag.

    Trolling this Splash/Bar without the Stinger makes a Great Surface Teaser

    Note how the Stinger Squid is rigged compared to others.

    This Splash/Bar can be pulled from any position.