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Deep Runners


No other company offers you more choices of the highest quality terminal tackle! The best in Dredge Teasers, Spreader & Splash Bars, Harpoons, Haywire Machines, Tools, Lures and Lure sets, teaser accessories, and everything in between!  All made in the USA! 
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These unique teasers are designed to run ahead of rigged baits or lures, below the surface.  When rigged with the 3D Stickbaits, the 6-arm rigs create the appearance of a small bait ball followed by a rigged stinger. Another unique feature are the Free-Swinging Arms which give the teaser baits more action. This innovative feature also gives the arm the ability to reverse on a hook-up and run-off reducing the pull on the hook. When retrieving line they will revert back to normal. And, for storage they will lay flat. Deep Runners trolled without a weight are most effective with a trailing lipped plug, such as a Bomber, Rapala, or a Mann’s Stretch.  Or, added to a weighted Deep Runner, this type of plug gets the whole presentation down even deeper.

If you’d prefer to use rigged natural baits such as Ballyhoo for the stinger, a weighted Deep Runner is required.  The more weight, the deeper it will run; however it will also require heavier tackle. Regardless of which stinger you choose to use, it should be run between 6 and 8ft behind the Deep Runner. Deep Runners are made with a marine grade Stainless Steel hub, and Titanium arms. The center cable is 600lb test, and is connected to a 250lb test Ball Bearing Snap Swivel. This 6-arm rig is 8” in diameter.