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Single Lure Tracker

Adjustable Tracker designed specifically to run ahead of any Single Lure or even a Teaser or Daisy Chain. Straight, Port or Starboard.

There is no need for the larger and heavier bars rigged with multiple teaser baits.

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  • A small 14" Splash/Bar designed to run ahead of any single lure. This little Splash/Bar creates a whole lot of commotion in front of any lure or teaser. Light weight and easy to deploy and runs great in any position.

    Made with a 7" center bird and a 14" 3/32" titanium arm with 5" birds on each side to stabilize and help prevent the Splash/Bar from flipping. A 250lb ball bearing snap swivel on the center bird is the connection point for attaching the leader of the single lure.

    This Tracker is supplied with an Ilander lure rigged with 6ft of 200lb test Momoi and an 8/0 Stainless Tuna hook with a pin rig and bait spring for easily adding a medium to large ballyhoo.

    Each of these Splash/Bars comes with an adjustable Delrin rudder for Port, Starboard or Straight running. The adjustment is made with a Phillips head screwdriver and turning the rudder for the position desired.

    The Side Ruder is made from strong 1/4" Delrin material that will not break.

    Thid set-up comes complete with a storage bag.