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Tuna Trap Master Package w/FC Leader & 36 Traps

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  • There are days that the Tuna are extremely line-shy and the only way to get the bites is with very light leaders of Fluro Carbon. This will get you the hook-ups but few landed fish due the light leaders. Tuna Traps are the answer and will save the day. You don't need them every day but having them onboard and ready will be your savior. 

    This kit comes complete with everything needed to rig with a variety of hooks and sizes as well with the right pound test Fluro Carbo leaders.

    Each of the traps are made with 12" of 275lb test cable & 220lb test stainless mini AFW swivel. Hooks are Mustad 9175DT J & Mustad 39960 Circles

    Package contains:

    36 Pre-Made Tuna Traps 

    6 each of 9175 7/0, 8/0 & 9/0

    6 each of 39960 12/0, 13/0 & 14/0

    25yard spools of 30lb, 40lb & 50lb test Fluro Carbon leader

    100 Dbl barrel crimps and aluminum single sleeve.

    AFW Hand Crimper

    2 Open Eye Needles

    24 Spare Trap bands