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Swordfish Rigging Kit

Squid rigging kit with 10 Stainless Hooks and all the accessories needed including hooks, leaders, chafe gear, crimps, beads and rigging needles. Easily rig squids like a Pro.

Contains Quick Rig or Mustad hooks, two of the finest there is.

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  • 10 9/0 or 10/0 Quick Rig Koga or Mustad 7691S, both Stainless Steel. There is everything needed to professionally rig Squid for Swords. Complete set-up comes in a Flambeau storage box.

    One rig is made complete as an example.

    Kit contains:
    10 - hooks (Mustad or Koga)
    10 - 10ft 300lb or 250lb Momoi leaders
    50 - 300lb or 250lb Momoi crimps
    12 - Glow bead stops
    12 - Tag end beads
    Chafe Gear
    Tube Stops
    1 Stainless Hollow Rigging Tube Needle
    1 - Open Eye Needle
    1 - Sewing Needle
    1 - Rigging Floss