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Shipping & Handling Information

Tournament Cable has indicated on this site the standard cost incurred for shipping and handling. Tournament Cable reserves the right to change our shipping and handling costs without prior written notice. PLEASE NOTE: The order total shown may not reflect any discounts, promotions, and/or additional shipping charges.  If oversize/overweight shipping fees apply, we will determine the most economical shipping method when processing your order.  Tournament Cable will not waive any shipping and handling costs.

At the time you place your online order, you must provide Tournament Cable with a deliverable street address. We cannot ship to a post office box number, nor will we attempt same.

Standard shipping for Tournament Cable is via ground delivery. At the time you place your online order, you have the right to elect a different shipping method, (i.e. Next Day Air, Second Day Air, Worldwide Express, etc.) Any of the alternative shipping methods and charges will be incurred by you accordingly.  Please allow processing time when choosing your method.  Most orders ship the same day but may take up to a week to process in full.  You may contact us regarding deadlines if this is a concern.  

International Shipping

Tournament Cable does offer international shipping. All import documents are completed by Tournament Cable and provided to the necessary shipping company. All international shipping documents will be completed in their entirety and reflecting actual cost so appropriate excise taxes can be collected.  We will determine the most economical shipping method when processing your order and charge you as such.

Updated March 31, 2017

returns & exchanges

Tournament Cable, Inc. stands behind it's products and the service it provides our customers. If you buy an incorrect product, Tournament Cable offers a full refund, (for the retail cost of the product only). However, prior to the return of any product, you must first contact us, (via phone, email or written correspondence) and request a "return authorization." Tournament Cable reserves the right not to accept, refund or credit the consumer for any "unauthorized" returns. Tournament Cable will not incur the cost of any return shipments, nor will Tournament Cable issue a credit for shipping costs.

Under "NO CIRCUMSTANCE" will Tournament Cable be held responsible for any "improperly rigged" or any "defect" claim on any Tournament Cable product that is altered after shipment is received by you, the consumer. Tournament Cable will not replace product nor will we credit or refund any monies on any product that is altered in anyway by someone other than authorized person of Tournament Cable, Inc.