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Deep Drop Spreader Bar

An innovative Deep Drop Rig that is better than all the rest. Tile Fish, Grouper or any other bottom dweller. No mono rigging means no tangles.
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  • Our Deep Drop Spreader completely eliminates all the rigging required in the conventional deep drop rigs. Hooks are attached to the bar with the snap swivels that are permanently attached to the bar. No mono rigging and no tangles.

    The Deep Drop Bar is formed in our facility using 3/32" Titanium. All components are attached to the bar with extra heavy double barrel crimps. Snap Swivels are AFW Mini Stainless Rated at 170lb test. This Mini snap swivel will easily except the smallest to the largest hooks. With the hooks connected by way of the snap swivels just add a weight and let it go. This rig will last for a long time and never have to be re-rigged.

    Bars are available with Mustad 39960 circle hooks in 12/0, 13/0 and 14/0. Standard Bar will have 4 hook connections with glow synthetic crimp protectors and one heavy snap swivel for the weight.

    You can easily change the hooks to which ever size or manufacture you like and if the arms become bent and out of shape they can be easily bent back into shape by hand. 

    The overall length is 34" and the stand-offs are 5".