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Swordfish Wind-on Leader - Spool or Coil


Starting From: $49.95

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  • This leader is made with 500lb hollow core spectra and specifically designed for sword fishing. Hand spliced in-house and offered in several pound tests and lengths.

    A loop for the weight has been spliced into the leader rather than a waxed loop half hitched to the line. This method offers a much more secure connection of the weight and will outlast the waxed thread loops.

    Loop end has a 220lb stainless wind-on swivel that can be used to tie both ends of the main line to instead of the loop to loop connection.  If a loop to loop connection is preferred these swivels can be cut off and the connection to the main line can be made  loop to loop.

    An 8" adjustable loop is spliced on the end connected to the main line making it very easy to go loop to loop for the connection. All sizes are 150ft in length.

    Available in Coil or Spool. The smaller diameter of the Spool is much easier to form a loop to loop connection and extra spare spools take up less room to stow.

    Each Wind-on comes with a long-line snap.