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Rigged Bridle Weight w/Trigger Snap


Starting From: $42.95

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  • With the success of the Bridling system in trolling Planers, we at Tournament Cable decided to take the principle and apply it to dredge weights to see what we could come up with. And a quick-change weight/depth teaser system is what emerged.

    Attaching the bridle either by swivel or loop-to-loop to your main line on one end and your leader on the other, you are then free to attach your weight, depth teaser, or Loon by way of trigger snap for easy deployment, easy storage, and higher efficiency. On a hook-up when you get the line in back to the bridle, simply unclip the depth teaser and continue to reel. It functions like a wind-on, giving you greater control of the fish boat-side, and eliminates the need for hand-lining the leader.

    While it is unlike anything else on the market, the Tournament Cable Dredge Weight Bridle system is brilliant in its simplicity and amazing in its efficiency. If you’re tired of dealing with high-speed trolling weights in the conventional manner, this is the system for you.