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6-Arm Deep Runner Rigged w/6 3D Stick Baits, Weight & BB Snap Swivel


Starting From: $60.95

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  • 3D Stickbaits are the perfect match for the Tournament Cable Deep Runner. 1/8in thick, extremely durable, and designed for hydrodynamics, these 9in baits create all the flash and attraction needed to get fish to your bait. Plus they are an easy clean-up, and take up very little room while stowing. 

    Unlike rubber baits, the shape and design of the 3D Stickbaits allow for higher trolling speeds with little increase in drag. They have a great swimming action with tons of flash, and while toothy fish can scratch them, it takes a big brute to actually hurt one.

    These durable, effective baits are the logical choice for rigging when it comes to the Tournament Cable Deep Runners.