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Wire Micro Leader 3412C 6ft #10 Wire Pack of 3


Small Size of Haywire Twist will fit into most size lure heads. Easily change lures without making a new twist.

Starting From: $21.95

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  • Tournament Cable has long led the way in innovation, invention, & adaptation, and today we’re pleased to bring you a slight modification that will change your whole wire leader game.  Rather than having to do your haywires on the boat every time you want to change lures, or having to give up the strength of wire for the easier snip and crimp of mono, enter the Tournament Cable Micro Leader – extremely small haywire twists with loops specifically sized to be able to pass through the head of any standard Iland Lure or Joe Shute Head, yet still large enough to attach to a snap swivel.  Formed in-house with a modified Tournament Cable Haywire Twist Machine and Loop Tool, these are the epitome of practicality, and the definition of ease when it comes to changing your lures.  NO additional twisting of wire is required.

    Each Micro Leader is made with 6ft AFW #10 single strand wire rated at 124lb test, and a pin. Hooks are Mustad 3412C needle eye 2x strong. Micro Leaders are available in 3 packs for sizes 8/0, 9/0 and 10/0. Each Micro Leader comes with stainless rigging cone that can be easily removed if using a different rigging method.

    Want to use wire but don’t want to be bothered making a haywire Twist?  Check out Tournament Cable’s Micro Leaders.