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Weedless Ballyhoo Rig - 2 Pack


Starting From: $15.95

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  • Each rig is made with 150lb test Ball Bearing Swivel, 275lb test stainless cable, a Mustad 7766 Southern-Tuna Style hook, and .020" copper rigging wire. The 8/0 size is perfect for Medium ballyhoo; the 9/0 are for Large or Horse ballyhoo.

    A Mustad 7691 can also be used in place of the 7766. The 7691 has a welded eye and is much stronger. A true Weedless rig would be a Skipping bait, not a swimmer. Baits should skip across the surface and over weeds. A swimming ballyhoo would have the bait below the surface and weeds would catch on the line and the nose of the bait.

    This rig is not only weedless but will also help prevent short-strikes and because it is made with cable you'll catch more Wahoo.