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Wahoo 25oz+ Combo Set Jet Heads Pack of 3 w/Shock Leaders

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  • A set of 3, 2 Short skirted and 1 Long skirted in assorted colors.  Short skirted is 9" 20+oz Bullet Jet Head rigged with a single hook and the Long Skirted is 16" with a double hook. Each is rigged with 24" 600lb cable and stainless hooks.

     The single is a Mustad #7691S 10/0 Southern Tuna style hook stiff rigged and the double is rigged with a Mustad #7691S rear and a Mustad #7732S front hook. Both sets with 24" of 600lb stainless cable and heat shrink tubing. Included are 3 20ft 200lb test Momoi shock leaders with 250lb BB snap swivels on each end. A roll up lure storage bag is included.

    A great package set-up when targeting Wahoo that are down deep and a perfect lure combo to pull when running to and from the grounds. Trolled from a 50lb outfit is best.