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Reversable Striper Umbrella w/16" Free-Swinging Arms


A trolling Umbrella rig that offers features and benefits like nothing else available. Free-Swinging arms that will reverse direction during a run-off, lessening the pressure on the fish and the angler and swinging back upon retreiving line.

Starting From: $44.95

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  • Designed with much thought and years of experience, combined with superior materials and made to perfection.

    1 - The 16" arms are all free-swinging giving the teaser baits more action, allows them to reverse direction during a run-off and retrieving line which creates less drag pressure on both the fish and the angler.

    2 - No molded lead center hub with fixed arms. Our hub is precision machined from and incorporates an Aussie swivel.

    3 - There are NO hooks on the arms or teaser baits. This eliminates any accidental hooks in hands etc. during the endgame. The only hooks are on the trolling lure attached to the center line.

    4 - No additional lead weight is required when using the right lipped plug.

    5 - Umbrella will lay flat for easy storage.


    1 - Arms are made with 3/32" titanium with 1 swivel sleeve and vinyl end cap. 

    2 - Center line is 275lb test stainless cable w/180lb ball bearing snap swivel.

    3 - Mono leader on top section is 200lb test Momoi mono. This prevents the arms from coming in contact with the lighter main line.

    4 - Teaser baits are 3DStick Bait Peanut Bunker. Blue/Silver.

    5 - Baits are snapped on to arms with duo-locks and Bluefish cannot eat them.

    These Umbrella rigs can be ordered without a center lure or with a CD30 Bomber or Stretch25.

    Wath video..New Umbrella Rig from Tournament Cable at the 2013 Somerset Saltwater Fishing Show - YouTube

    Tournament Cable Striper Umbrella Rig - YouTube

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