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Tuna Trap Kit with Mustad 39960 Circle Hooks

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  • There are days that the Tuna are so line-shy only leaders as light as 30lb test will get the bites. Leaders this light will certainly get the bites but normally the leader chafes against the mouth and results in a lost fish. This is the time to use Tuna Traps. 

    Each trap is made with a Mustad Circle Hook #39960, 12" of 275lb test stainless cable, and an AFW stainless Crane Swivel rated over 220lbs.  Butter Fish of all sizes would be perfect for rigging these traps.

    Each kit comes with:

    • 4 x 12/0 Traps
    • 4 x 13/0 Traps
    • 4 x 14/0 Traos
    • 12 x Spare Trap Bands
    • 1 x Open Eye Needle for Rigging