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Triple EZ/6 30" Collapsible Dredge Teaser


A Triple 30" Collapsible Dredge with 37 baits that all fits in a standard Flambeau Storage Box. 

Starting From: $359.95

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  • Regardless of the size boat you are fishing on, storage is always a problem, especially with the dredge teasers.

    The TC 665-3030 EZ-6 Collapsible Dredge makes stowing a whole lot easier. When you can take a triple tier dredge with 37 baits and stow it all in a 16"x10"x3" tackle box, it just doesn't get any better.

    The TC 665-3030 consists of three 30" EZ-6 dredges all with either Straight Arms or Tier-drop. And unlike other dredges the arms are replaceable if the need to be changed.

    Available without any baits or with 37 3D Stick Bait Ballyhoo in 4 colors.