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Tier-Drop Double w/19 9" Squid and Bucket

Included with this sale is a 50ft 1900lb test Dyneema Tow Line.

Total savings of $109.90.

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  • This Dredge is easy to handle when deploying and retrieving. A 24" Tier-Drop as the lead Dredge and an 18" following. Each Dredge has free-swinging arms that will provide more action than straight arms and the Free-Swinging arms also allows the dredge to lay flat for easy storage. 

    This Dredge comes rigged with 19 9" squid, connecting line with 450lb heavy snap swivel and a standard 5 gallon Tournament Cable bucket. Each squid is rigged with our exclusive squid wires with egg weights attached. No mono to tangle the baits and no fuss when replacing or changing baits.