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Harpoon Dart Line Dyneema Spliced Both Ends


Starting From: $59.95

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  • Traditionally Harpoon Main Lines are rigged with 200ft of 1/4in 3-Strand Nylon, with loops spliced on either end for attachment to the dart and to a poly-ball float on the opposite end. Integrating the latest of materials technology and research, Tournament Cable now rigs all our Harpoon Main Lines with 200 ft of 3mm 1,900lb test Dyneema.

    This line is significantly less in diameter than the traditional 3-Strand Nylon, and is actually comparable in diameter to 600lb Mono. The thinner line makes it much easier to handle the harpoon, and also allows for a more accurate throw when you can’t stick the fish next to the boat. Dyneema also coils much better, is easier on the hands and does not harden upon exposure to the elements. We think you will find Dyneema the much better alternative for your Harpoon Main Lines, and will enjoy everything it adds to your end game.