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EZ/6 Lite Replacement Arms 3/32" Medium Flex-Packs of 3


Starting From: $15.95

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  • These arms are not as stiff as the 1/8" heavier arms and therefore have much more flex. Unlike the heavier arms that are stainless steel these are Titanium. With the additional amount of flex lighter teaser baits should be used and slower speeds. These arms are straight, not Tier-Dropped. Tier-Dropping the arms is not necessary due to the increase in the amount of flex as the arms will fold back to form a tight bait ball.

    Arms will eventually break on any dredge teaser due to a number of factors.The arms on an EZ/6 Dredge can be easily change in a matter of minutes. With a pair of standard pliers and a screw driver the broken arm can be removed and a new one snapped in it's place.

    A spare set should always be kept on the boat. All spare sets come 3 in a pack. 9" has one swivel sleeve per arm.12", 15" and 18" have 2 sleeves per arm.