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Dyneema Anchor Line, 6mm, 656ft at 6,510lb Test

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  • The perfect anchor line for any center console.

    A 12-strand single-braid line made of pure Dyneema for high strength with low weight. Treated with the S.Y.I.S. impregnation system to improve resistance to UV and abrasion. 

    Perfect for applications where high strength and low stretch are critical 6,510lb. Breaking Strength.

    An anchor line that takes up far less space, will not harden over time and has very limited stretch....and will last a very long time.

    This Dyneema is hollow core and will come with a loop splice on each end.

    Twisted nylon 3-strand 1/2" has a break strength of 5,670lb, this 6mm Dyneema has a break strength 6,510lbs.

    Takes up far less room and weighs much less than traditional anchor lines. The entire 656ft will come shipped in a standard Tournament Cable 5 gallon bucket.