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Bonita Bucket Dredge Teaser


A Great small boat teaser.

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  • Our Original Bucket Dredge with 19 14" Split-Tail Bonita. A small but very productive teaser that has performed flawlessly year after year.

    Three 10" 6-arm bars connected with each other and rigged with the 14" Bonita creates a perfect little bait ball. Light weight and easy to handle the dredge is perfect for the smaller center consoles.

    • 14" Split-Tail Bonita are made with double  Exxon/Mobil Santaprene. A much better material than the less expensive EDPM rubber that Mud Flaps and others are made with.

      Split-Tails will not break down under the harsh conditions at sea, offer more action and look more natural. Lighter and without the Peck Fins are easier to troll. Overall, very long lasting too.

      Each Split-Tail has a slot that Mylar strips can be added to the bait to create the illusion of scales. A perfect teaser bait for any dredge teaser. Each measures 14"x3" 1/16" thick Bonitas with a grommet.