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480lb Stainless Leader with Loop and Heavy Swivel


Starting From: $10.95

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  • For the days you get into the blue sharks, for the days you don’t want to twist your own haywires, for the days a quick change is needed on the sharking floor - those are the days you need the Tournament Cable LTL Shark Rig.

    The LTL Shark Rig is a combination of Single Strand Wire and Stainless Cable, connected loop-to-loop, eliminating the need for a snap swivel that could open at any time. The rigs are easy to change out, greatly reducing re-rigging time after a release.

    Made of 30” of #15 240lb test wire to the hook, and 6ft of 480lb cable leader, this system has all the advantages of wire where it’s needed most, but without the dangers involved in leadering. The 49 strand cable is specifically selected to not kink or break due to a high-flying Mako or one that has become tail-wrapped. The LTL function is available in Single Rigs, Double Rigs, Kits, Replacement packs, Single or Double Hooks, with or without 3D Stick Baits - AND it's far less expensive overall (especially when you get into Blue Sharks and go through rig after rig).

    These LTL rigs will handle the largest of Sharks, and are by far the easiest to use and change. No crimping or having to haywire new hooks after each release… use the same leader, loop-to-loop another hook and you are back in business.