Tournament Cable First Blog – let’s talk about hooks

For our first blog entry we are going to start very simply, and progressively look into aspects of the hooks we all use the most – types, shapes, eyes, and so on – which hook is best for different applications and how to best rig it, etc.  We’ll first start with J-hooks.


J hooks are available in basically two styles: Southern Tuna (left) and Sea Demon (right). These are without doubt the most popular. The Southern Tuna has the point bent in towards the shaft, while the Sea Demon remains parallel with the shaft which results in a more open gap. These are available with a Ring Eye, and in some sizes and types, a Needle Eye.

We are emphasizing the eyes of the hooks as this is very important when selecting a hook for your application. This is where the leader will be attached and not all leader material is suited for all hook eyes.

The eye on a ring eye hook is formed mechanically.

The eye on a needle eye hook is stamped.

Think about this and next we’ll go into which leader material to use with each style hook.