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Wolfpack Ahi Lures with Tails


Starting From: $64.95

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  • WolfPack Tackle’s Ahi Tail is designed to Snap/Lock onto our Ahi Head with a locked connection that forces the head and tail to swim perfectly.

    Ahi Tails are made out of silicon to be ultra durable, stretchy, and rip resistant. Catch multiple fish without damaging the lure and avoid having to stall and re rig ballyhoo's while the limited fishing window is open. 

    The inner molded cavity allows the hook to sit perfectly in the lure every time. 7.5″ tails use an 8/0 hook and 9.5″ tails a 9/0 hook.

    each Ahi Head is rigged with a stainless tuna hook and 8ft Momoi 200lb test leader. Set comes with assorted colors and a storage bag.

    Available in 1oz,3.5oz and 5.5oz. 1oz tails are 7.5" and the 3.5 and 5.5oz are 9.5".