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Swordfish Koga Hooks Packs of 2


Extra Heavy, Extra thick shanks and Extra sharp. The strongest stainless hook there is and perfect for Big Swordfish.

Starting From: $12.95

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  • The shape of the hook retains the advantages of an open gap for “grasping” and an inward conical point allowing quicker and deeper penetration. Rigging any baits for Swordfish, the Koga is the ultimate. Stronger than Mustad 7691S or any other this is the hook of choice of the professionals.

    Comparing same size hooks the thickness of the stainless wire that is used to form the hooks, the Quick Rig is more than 15% thicker than the Mustad 7691S. The Koga hook from Quick Rig is stronger with a smother finish and a conical shaped sharper point for easier and quicker penetration. 

    The images compare the important features of both the Mustad 7691S and Quick Rig Koga.