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Double Mustad 7691S Stainless Hooks & 300lb BB Swivel 300lb Leader 8ft


Starting From: $26.95

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  • The rear or head hook on the rig is attached to the leader with a loop. The hook can be removed from the rig and the loop end can be pulled through the bait from the tip of the squid and out the body by the head. The hook can be re-attached to the rig very easily.

    The front hook can be adjusted to the proper length and secured with the special tubing that is slid over the eye. Once this lead hook is place in the tip of the squid rigging floss is tightly wrapped on both side of the tube and through the squid.

    What makes this rig unique is the leader is doubled at the rigging end. This forms the loop at one end and then the two ends of the leader material are run through the eye of the leading hook from both sides of the eye. Making the rig this way provides the ability to adjust the hook to any position on the double leader.