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Deep Drop Spreader

401 DD
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  • The Deep Drop Spreader is used while deep dropping and there is very little current or drift. It measures 24” by 12” with long line release snaps to attach to the main leader and a center snap swivel to attach the weight.

    When there is no current the line and the rigged bait will wrap around each other which is a problem. The spreader will prevent this.

    Using a Top Shot leader of 150 to 250lb test attached to the main line, once the bait has been let out and the top-shot splice comes off the rod tip you would lock up the reel and attach the spreader to the Top-Shot with the clips on the spreader. Now with the weight attached you can let it all out till you hit bottom much faster and without any tangle.

    When you are hooked up and retrieving line when the spreader reached the rod tip just snap the clips off the leader and start reeling again.

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