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Coated Fish Weight Rigged w/450lb Snap Swivel


Starting From: $53.95

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  • The Fish Weights are designed to be connected to the front of the dredge, not inside. Some find it better to have the weight positioned in this manor as it gives something to grab when retrieving the dredge. The rubber coating will help prevent damage to the boat. 

    These weight and dredge connectors are made with a 1,900 lb. test Dyneema. Much stronger than mono or cable and much easier on the hands. No crimps like on the  mono or cable and no chance of a frayed cable strand ripping into your hands. Mates will appreciate the easier and better handling.

    The Dyneema remains soft and supple which makes it easier to handle. The 3" loops spliced in each end are easily attached to the weight and the snap swivel by means of a simple loop connection. Chafe gear is not needed as there is no movement to create friction and wear on the line.

    Each of these connectors measures 16" overall and each are hand splice in-house that results in a 100% line strength. The diameter of the Dyneema is about the same as 500lb mono.