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EZ/6 Tier Drop Replacement Arms 1/8" Heavy Flex-Packs of 3


Starting From: $24.95

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  • Arms will eventually break on any dredge teaser due to a number of factors. The arms on an EZ/6 Dredge can be easily change in a matter of minutes. With a pair of standard pliers and a screw driver the broken arm can be removed and a new one snapped in it's place.

    Arms are available in Tier-Drop or Straight and are both 1/8" heavy flex.

    A spare set should always be kept on the boat. All spare sets come 3 in a pack. 9" has one swivel sleeve per arm.12", 15" and 18" have 2 sleeves per arm and the 21 has 3.

    If Swivel sleeves are not to be attached, they will be included along with the Yellow Vinal endcaps.