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Wahiminator Lure


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  • Laceration Lures — a company firmly rooted in the Carolinas, with a commitment to handmade, high quality lures at a fair price. Each Laceration Lure is perfectly balanced, keel-weighted, professionally double skirted, and meticulously finished — made in the USA with all domestic materials. Made by fishermen for fishermen — these lures incorporate the most up to date materials and the best designs being used by anglers today. They only sell what they like to pull, and their main goal is to catch fish, not just an angler’s eye. Laceration Lures are without a doubt one of the finest artificial lures you could add to your spread, and we are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers here at Tournament Cable.

    Shell-insert colors will be matched to skirt choice. Custom lure design available upon request.

    • Head Diameter - 1.25in 
    • Head Length - 3.35in 
    • Skirted Length - 14in 
    • Skirted Weight - 9.5oz 
    • Max. Leader - 3.2mm