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Ultimate Bird Teaser

Add a few of these together and make a great Splash Teaser 

Starting From: $64.95

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  • A 7" center bird and two 5" wing birds attached to the tips of the 24" spring arms creates a tremendous amount of splash and action not found in other surface teasers. This Teasers comes in Tiers or separate sections that can be added together to make the entire teaser as long as you like.

    Each section is rigged with a 16" length of 400lb test mono with stainless thimbles and each bird has a BB snap swivel for easy attachment of additional tiers.

    Available as a single, double or triple. Whichever you select it will be in a standard storage bag.

    Adding an Iland Express or something similar to the trailing section adds to this great teaser. Picture shown is just to show how it would look, it is not included.