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TC-316S Extra Heavy Teaser Spreader

Surface Teasers are getting bigger and bigger, with larger squids etc. and more of them. A need for an extra heavy bar to handle the weight without having the bar fold back on itself was created. Here it is.

Starting From: $89.95

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  • This Spreader Bar is made specifically for heavy surface teasers. The 3/16" stainless bar is heavy enough to handle multiple large teaser baits such as 12 to 14" squids or the largest mud flap style baits. The standard 1/8" flex bars are just not able to handle the added weight and will fold while being trolled, sometimes even when rigged with a bridle.

    The center hub is machined from stainless steel and incorporates a 600lb test Aussie swivel. A heavy snap swivel with 250lb split ring is added to easily change the enter line. Teaser connection are made with 4/0 barrel swivels.

    These extra heavy bars are available 36" or 48" with 5 connections each. Also available in set of two with a storage bag to easily stow rigged bars.